I believe the people of the great city of Rye want a Mayor who will value my words.... " I cannot guarantee  an administration that will be able to act on  a person’s needs but I do guarantee all will  be given the confidence that they have been heard and that their issues are recognized. I like to learn from the people.”

As a women and non-political figure, I have a different perspective on the needs of the community:  I seek to build a more nurturing and a socially responsive, innovative one. A graduate of Boston college with a degree in Education, and a resident for 20 years of Rye, I was an elementary school teacher for 25 years. Today I am the co-CEO of Archie Comics, the iconic brand that remain a privately held company.  I took on the transition of this global business within a short time, adapted quickly and adjusted to handle a variety of complex business challenges.

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Who is Nancy Silberkleit?


A non-partisan who strives to encourage an exchange of civil dialogue among the people of Rye.

A seeker of ways to bridge division and encourage civic engagement, essential to making democracy work. 

​A compromiser, who knows compromise is a virtue not a weakness. “To get the job done we must work together.”

​Who is Nancy?

Co-Ceo, educator and public speaker